• Erica Sikorski

When You Meet Angels

Any time someone opens a business, especially a restaurant you could imagine the amount of pressure they can be under. Customer satisfaction, happy employees, quality food and experience, value, etc..... all that pressure and tons more is on the shoulders of restaurateurs. But what some people may not understand is why we come back for more. Like some may say, 'are you a glutton for punishment?' Well, maybe but i can tell you first hand is that meeting, engaging, and building relationships with the people i have met last summer kept my motivation and ambition high to drive harder to achieve more for them.

Even though i was touched by many people and am indebted for their support but never will i ever forget Kim. Kim is a woman who was visiting her hometown of Buffalo early summer 2018. She and her family visiting from Georgia stopped at Bedrock. Kim is a painter back in Georgia and was inspired by "the view" at Bedrock that she took a picture. When she returned home she set on a painting project to paint that picture with a brush. As an Art, Design, Business student from Buffalo State i have been fortunate enough to visit and appreciate many museums around the world and its finest works of art which i will say i think the Albright Knox is an awesome museum which we should be proud of. However, watercolors are my favorite. I love the organic simplicity of watercolor, the independence of watercolor to vein in its own path and paint for you, its a happy medium.

So, fast forward several weeks when i had no idea who Kim was but i had the pleasure of meeting a fabulous couple Robyn and Jeff who when we got to chatting, Robyn tells me her sister loved it here so much she painted a picture. When she showed me the painting on her instagram i was in instant awe and disbelief, I think my words to Robyn were "HOLY F@@@" I couldn't stop thinking about the painting, i created an instagram and stalked her instagram to find it, and was just humbled that a painting from Bedrock was out in the world. Kim later found out my reaction to the painting, was returning to Buffalo and thought to bring the painting with her. Not only did she gift it to me she had it framed and presented with pride. Sometime soon i hope to find the perfect spot at Bedrock to hang it but for now it hangs in my home where it is cherished.

#kewoodmanart #theview #humbled #whenyoumeetanangel

#kewoodmanart #theview

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