• Erica Sikorski

The Ol'Alhambra

Did you know (or even remember) that our current parking lot was The Alhambra Nite Club!! Alhambra on the Lake, a nightclub with a Moroccan theme, was a popular lakefront destination for young folks looking for dinner, live music and dancing. The musical performances from Alhambra were often heard on Buffalo radio stations such as WGR and WEBR.

June 5, 1930: Alhambra on the Lake: Hamburg's beachfront nightclub

And that during the Prohibition era from 1919-1929 Rum Runners from Canada used this area as a beachhead and drop off point for bootleg Whiskey for Buffalo and Western NY speakeasies.

However, unfortunately a mysterious fire burned this place to the ground in 1954. “Roaring flames lit up the night sky” as, in 1954, that was once the Alhambra night club was destroyed by fire.

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