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The Indeterminacy Festival


What is Indeterminacy? Indeterminacy, in philosophy, can refer both to common scientific and mathematical concepts of uncertainty and their implications and to another kind of indeterminacy deriving from the nature of definition or meaning. It is related to deconstructionism and to Nietzsche's criticism of the Kantian noumenon.


The festival weekend will be held at the Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Preserve, the grounds of which look very much like the lunar surface. Fossils from 380 million years ago can be found everywhere. This setting will be the stage for this year's festival, focusing on our historical, present, and future communication with the universe, in the form of the various eras of geologic time and ways in which gravitational and electromagnetic waves serve as communicators between the past, present, and future. Musicians, choreographers, and dancers have spent the year learning about sound, electromagnetic, and gravitational waves and developed strategies to perform these waves as music and movement. In the parallel to this process, they also learned about previous attempts at interstellar communication with the universe via the Golden Record and Arecibo Message and then created their own original messages.

Please note, the restaurant is closed to the public but reserved for patrons who will be attending the weekend festivities.

Weekend Options

Friday May 17th:

Bedrock Cocktail Event, 7-8pm

Join us at sunset prior to Friday night’s opening performance at Bedrock on Lake Erie for a drink, light refreshments, and live music.

Your Friday night event ticket includes entry where food and drinks will be available. 

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Friday May 17th and 18th 

Penn Dixie, Performance 8:30pm

During this two-day event we will watch as dancers enact planetary rotations, evoking the music of spheres as they orbit the sun. Transforming from planets into black holes, dancers will wield parachutes in the style of chinese dragons as these giant masses dance in relation to each other, eventually colliding together, generating a ripple in the fabric of spacetime, which we then detect, billions of years later, in the form of the recently discovered phenomenon of gravitational waves. Waves will then get explored further with the use of LED wristbands and spools of cord to conjure up different kinds of patterns inspired by the electromagnetic spectrum. In the final act, messages will be sent out to interstellar space, as this cast of communicators will have the opportunity to transmit what they deem to be most important about life here on earth.

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Saturday 18th 

Bedrock, festival afterparty 10pm

Entry w/ festival pass ticket 

Join cast and crew at The Bedrock to celebrate the culminating of another great festival. 

Included in your Saturday night PastFuture/FuturePast ticket 

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On Site Pre Show Demo

Hosted by: The Nanosatellite Laboratory

The University at Buffalo Nanosatellite Laboratory or UBNL is a group of undergraduate and graduate students who work with the Air Force Research Lab and NASA to build small satellites from concept to launch. For The Indeterminacy UBNL will bring demos from two of their missions. GLADOS will be demonstrating a star tracker, a camera that uses advanced algorithms to determine which way satellites are pointing. FALCON will have a laser communication demo to show how the satellites will communicate when they are 1000 km apart in space.

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