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Supporting Great Kids Do Great Things!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Since we started selling beer there has been a need to re-purpose beer cans. Mid-summer 2019, Thea came into Bedrock asked if we were willing to support her mission. This was the best cold-call I have ever encountered. She was pumped, prepared, and ready to sell her cause. She begins to tell me that by selling lemonade and candy bars she raised thousands of dollars for animal rescue organizations. Not only was her story impressive but she had her portfolio in hand backing up her drive in showing examples and pictures of her tenacious efforts, the rescues she helped, the toys and play areas she has contributed.

Dollar by dollar, she has raised enough money to help rescue dozens of animals. Now Bedrock is partnering with Thea and donating all the beer cans collected, with your help, to support Thea in her mission. So stop in and purchase a cold brew, or two!

"Once we adopted Shayla I decided it wasn't fair to certain dogs that get abused and hurt and I think they should always get a second chance. And then I thought what if I raised money for an animal shelter and I instantly thought of Joyful Rescues," said Thea.

Joyful Rescues is located in Cuba, NY, and every Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. they bring adoptable dogs and cats to the PetSmart locations in Orchard Park and Webster.  For more information about Joyful Rescues, click here.

To see Thea's Fundraiser Facebook page, click here

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