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Signage, or not, Why?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

People have come in and asked, "Why no sign?", "I did not know you were open", "What is this place?"... We have heard it all but luckily once you have stopped in you will know!

You may have noticed our tagline: #mysummerhouse and in efforts to achieve that ambiance and vibe, noting #positivevibesonly, making you feel as if you were in an extension of your home the answer to why no signage is simple: there is no room for it! Although i understand and respect the benefits of signage i do not believe our seasonal, best kept secret, tucked away on the shores of Lake Erie warrant big flashy lights perched on our roof-tops, blinking LED open signs jammed into windows, or dancing flags on the streets.


We live in a world today with technology at our fingertips. Gone are the days of maps, phone books and other navigating devices, other than google. So we say GPS IT!

We have an online presence so if you search for us, Google should easily bring you here!

As you may know Bedrock has been an established eatery since 1996, albeit Bedrock Eatery until 2018. It was closed the year of 2017, with the exception of two days, when my Father suddenly passed away the second day into the 2017 season. So naturally, we, the family grieved that year and decided what to do next. As you may have read or heard, i have decided to take over ownership in 2018 but with my own personal identity, so here we are. Knowing i did need some type of branding i had decided to re-purpose a large granite boulder that was already on-site and had Bedrock's name sandblasted, established, in honor of my Father, Richard Sikorski.

#proudmoment #divineintervention #spiritualguidance

As we continue to organically grow and word of mouth spreads i am confident the expectation of signage will diminish as i envision Bedrock to flourish, #mysummerhouse!

So in closing, i hope this blog helps clarify the vision, justification and reason, for strategically NOT placing a flashing sign, or blue man flags, or an open sign in the window (which would not be visible anyway) for Route 5 to see. Our mission is not to be in competition with anyone but ourselves and continue to enhance your experience while at Bedrock. We believe once you give us a try your heart will navigate you back. So stop in over the summer and introduce yourself! <3

Please feel free to email me at: eatatbedrock@gmail.com



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