• Erica Sikorski

Why Bedrock Went Cashless?

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to place your order and reduce your time just standing in line.

1. Crime Prevention: Not Accepting Cash Eliminates the Risk of Robberies and Thefts

Our community does not necessarily have a high risk of robberies and theft, nor locations being held up at gunpoint but as a sole proprietor, woman owned business I felt it was best for not only me but the team who supports me not to have cash in house. We do not need that drama nor threat, primarily when the business is open to patrons.

2. Innovation: The Future is Hyper-Experiential and Hyper-Convenient

Working with cash is too slow for modern dining. Bedrock is a fast-casual restaurant experience with a counter walkup process. To reduce the time it takes to order and make your food, the time digging for money, counting it, paying for it, cashier recounting it, then counting the change to return, takes your time and the people behind you. We do not want you standing in line, we want you with your friends and family laughing, catching up, relaxing, we want your ease and convenience. Card-only payment not only improves efficiency, but this will make the experience more personal overall. Implementing cashless makes your experience as frictionless and streamlined as possible.

3. Employees Don’t Have to Touch Dirty Money

I know, how can people think the almighty dollar is dirty, but they are, bills are dirty. There are claims that paper money carries more germs than a toilet bowl. One study even revealed that a huge majority of US dollars are contaminated with traces of cocaine! Touching money and then handling food is not ideal for sanitation.

4. Honesty

Going cashless keeps everybody honest. Most importantly with the help of modern point-of-sale it allows for full transparency between us and you and of course the IRS. Transactions can be reviewed in one place, minimizing human errors and in-house thefts. Additionally, without cash, business owners no longer need to make deposits at the bank.

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