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Ice Storm Phenomena

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

National Geographic said ice shoves ― also called ice pushes and ivu ― are created by high winds and “are most likely to occur in the early spring, when ice just starts to weaken and break up.”

How Can we Ever Forget!

When a February weekend's wind storm pushed piles of Lake Erie ice into dramatic "mountains" on the shores of Bedrock it didn't take long for the formations to attract photographers and Instagrammers from across the area.

We would like to send a huge shout-out to Town of Hamburg Emergency Services for their quick response and support during this once in life time event. I will never forget getting a text message from my neighbor asking if I'd stop down that day to check on the place. I said, no why? I just start started watching "A Star is Born" snuggled in, keeping warm on a cold Sunday afternoon. Never anticipating the force of the wind was breaking the ice and shoving on the shores of Bedrock. I live less than a mile away and since being seasonal i check in from time to time but never did i think i was going to pull up to what i saw that day! It looked like molten lava flowing over the rocks. It was surreal! I had been in Hawaii and I have seen lava flow but never had i seen ice flow. There was a beauty about it, but lets be real it was COLD! What i witnessed and at its speed plus being the beginning i thought for sure the building could have been swallowed.

I stayed for a while until i gave up thinking 'there is nothing i can do, nobody to call'! They were evacuating the residents along Hoover Beach, there was nothing anybody was gonna do but let God take care of it. I returned home, looked out my windows, could still see the flashing lights of the Hamburg police cars and felt some relief in that if the building was to be swallowed that Hamburg Emergency Services would contact me. Eventually i was able to go to sleep, when i woke early Monday morning to quickly return i saw essentially the same as i left, except frozen in place #Elsa. Some how the flow over the rocks that was taking place approximately 3p Sunday, froze in place by the time i returned at 7a Monday. That truly was a God's gift!

Lot of people have been wondering if there has been any damage and fortunately there has been no known damage, I think all of us along the Hoover Beach shoreline escaped from what could have been a disaster.

***Update, one medium rock along the shore wall has fallen out of place :D

Fast forward, we are very excited to reopen for the season May 20th so lets hope that the ice has melted by then. If nothing more the ice "mountains" should keep us cool along the shore on hot, humid summer days.



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