2018...The year will be remembered as the year of growth, challenge, learning, and risk but best of all creating new relationships and friendship.  We were able to try and test many different things that haven't been done before. 
Here are our top 10 memorable experiences we look forward to carry through into the future:
1.  Parry Wedding hosted on Bedrock's beach
2.  Live music:  Paul Hage & Mirage, Freshwater Four, Growlers Blues Band
3.  Hosted fundraisers supporting our fur-baby community
4.  Created a Bed[Rock] Garden 
5.  Introduction of a leaner, cleaner menu 
6.  Offered Beer & Wine
7.  Property transformation
8.  Dining with your Pup
9.  Celebrated milestone birthdays
10. Opened our doors to the community June, 11th
What was your favorite? 
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