It saddens me to say... but it is a wrap.

After the destruction left behind from the Halloween Storm 2019 I have put a lot of things into perspective and unfortunately no longer makes sense to continue to sustain operations.  As a seasonal business open primarily in summer and located in a great place for others to enjoy the lake breeze, sunset, and all there is to offer of Lake Erie in Hamburg, NY we are predominately an exterior business.  At first site after the storm it appears to be primarily debris cleanup and removal which would be approximately four months of the year, the insuyears ago I sought out a journey for a diet that would help with ongoing digestive issues.  I saw many doctors and they either told me to change my diet or “what is normal for others may not be normal for you”.  Confused by what could be wrong with the diet I was raised on, and whether or not I was normal, I started with changes in my diet.  After trying different foods and watching and reading stories I started to introduce my body to a plant-based regime.  Within a short amount of time I started to see a difference.  The aliments I would plea for doctors to cure no longer was a topic of discussion.  Now I was committed to the benefits of plant-based foods and so was my waistline but when I wanted to go out to eat whether with friends or a quick solo bite I found myself conflicted as to what I was going to order.

Then in spring of 2017, my Father who had great vision for this property suffered from a massive heart attack and passed away. At that point something inside me changed and I was never the same.  Working in corporate America and going about the same routine I realized what a wonderful opportunity for me to reopen Bedrock Eatery as a plant-based, paleo inspired restaurant filling that void for others in search of a plant- based, clean menu. 

Here at Bedrock we are committed to bringing you salads and sandwiches that cross multiple diets and meats that are lean, locally sourced and grass-fed. Foods with less preservatives and additives, house-made condiments and dressings not meant to sit on the shelf.  Overall foods that are meant to be filling and stimulate digestive processes.

Throughout this endeavor we welcome you, your families, your Puppy, the community and its guests to not only enjoy Bedrocks new menu concept but experience it with a glass of wine or canned brew at your summer house.  Drift away into the sunsets over Lake Erie, be inspired, and let the music take you away to plan your next adventure!